Born in Dartmoor, I travelled and explore a lot as a child. We spent time at various UK festivals, Japan, Australia, USA, Central America and all over Europe. This influenced me a lot when I started my photography work in 2008, I was drawn to working with people and their stories. My projects included People of Postbridge and portraits based around the rural community. My work documents the lives and stories of people from all walks of life. It is inspired by the close friendships I form through out my projects. In 2011, I started my Photography BA Hons at Brighton University, I continued to concentrate on my main influence - people and their stories. I worked on projects involving vulnerable women, older people who have chosen to live off grid and a documentation of Devonia Sheepskin Tannery. In my last year of university, I started my project 'The Reindeer Road' is a record of my trip to Siberia to stay with nomadic reindeer herders (Nenet's people) in Yamal Peninsula, Siberia. Due to the close friendships I formed throughout this trip, I learnt a lot of the hardships that the Nenets experience. I feel that it is important to capture this moment in time, an ancient nomadic way of life, due to the swift climate change and growing political concerns. When I returned I finished my degree, created a book and set up several exhibitions (using funding from the Arts Council). In the past few years, I have done work with Survival International, Old Tree Brewery and hiSbe. In 2015, I set up project Share Your Story with a friend Dave, which aims to share stories but also help people grow their own. The events are run in Brighton, there will be funding to help people with idea/projects throughout the summer and we aim to release a podcast in the couple of months. To find out more, head to  www.sysbrighton.co.uk


In the spring 2017 I travelled to Arctic Sweden. The initial purpose of this trip was to record Jokkmokk Reindeer Festival, however, I ended up staying in Jokkmokk. I had two weeks in a cabin by myself to explore my own creativity. Followed by time with Arctic artist, Gun Hofgaard. Together we designed a exhibition of years of her own work, alongside a film that I made about her. We exhibited at Ájtte in Early 2018 and I led a group of 50 to Arctic Sweden to attend the exhibtion and workshops held by Nina Nordvall Vahlberg and Gun Hofgaard. In September 2019 Gun and Nina came to Dartmoor, UK to teach a series of workshops over a week that I had organised. During a concert on the last night of the events, I shared a film I had created earlier in the year with Gun and her work with plants with a live score from Nina.

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